Here are the coilovers. 450's in the front and the 350 in the rear.

here's all the stuff that came with the coilovers.

another shot of all the "o-ring" things that were included.

here's all the stuff that came with the agx struts.

here's how the o-rings go. they keep the coil over sleeve from sliding around.

the coilover part is slid over those two "o-rings" and is snug and doesn't move.

those flat "o-rings" go like this:

here's the sleeve on the rear strut. with the rings turned all the way to the top, the sleeve slides to the bottom of that "basket" on the strut

Front struts and coilovers assembled

Rear struts and coilovers assembled

All 4

NOTE: the allen holes should be at the top of the strut. it also made sense that way because now the flat rubber sleeve rings sat nicely on the rings similarly to how they are set in the flat top hat. the last picture reflects the correctly oriented sleeves with allen screws in place