for the front seats:


-3/16" x 3" steel
-nuts, bolts washers-- until i weld the brackets on
-cobalt drill bit
-drill press
-Angle grinder to cut off rivets
-basic socket wrench set
-time for brainstorming, time for fabrication and even more time for tweeking


-the drivers rear left bracket and the passengers rear right bracket must be cut off and a new bracket has to be made. here you can see the old bracket cut off and then the new one that i made


for the rest of the corners i simply made 'extension brackets' that allowed me to bolt em to the oem design the 'extension brackets' i simply cut out cardboard templates and held them inplace and marked where the two holes would have to be here are the "extension brackets"

driver seat

front left:

front right


passenger seat

front left

front right:bolted into oem hole. this pulls the seat closer to the door but still very comfortabl. i was just too lazy to change it to how the driver side is


NOTE: don't forget to swap over the seat belt clicker from the stock seats

-when i get my welder im going to take the brackets all out, round off the edges and then weld them in place and paint em black to blend in.

for the rears:

-remove the stock seats
-remove the steel plates from the stock seat backs
-paint the stock steel plates color of choice(flat black looks best) and then bolt them up to the oem mounts

-bend the rear "bracket" on the RSX bottom cushion to allow it to bolt into the car. the two side "brackets" can be ignored
-take apart the rsx seat backs so you have the fabric foam and plate all seperated
-holding the foam peices in the car mark off about an inch or inch and a half on the outsides that will be cut off. this is to line up the 'seems' on the backs with the 'seems' on the bottom cusion.
-after you cut off the outsides and have the lines lining up mark about 5inches on the inside part of the left foam peice. this will be removed so that the seats will actually fit inplace.
-after cutting that reinstall the foam and check your work. tweek were necessary.
-on the back of the left RSX foam you'll have to cut out a little foam where the stock seat plate mounts in the middle. this mount sticks out pretty far and pushes the bottom of the seat outwards and doesn't look to good.
-once your satisfied with that put the RSX cloth back on the foam. the fabric will be loose now since you removed some foam earlier. to tighten it up i used about 8 safety pins on each end of each peice to pull the fabric tight. this part takes a while and is actually kinda of a pain to get all the wrinkles out from the front and keep it nice and tight. i still need to tweek mine a bit because its still sorta loose
-after you'r satisfied with the tightness of the fabric you'll need to cut out the hard rubber strip in the same place you removed foam on the back of the left peice. this is for the same reason. the hard rubber is in the way of that center mount and pushes the seat forward. so cut it out so the mount can sit 'inside' the foam and fabric without pushing the seat forward.
-when thats all done simply press fit the seats in place. i never actually attached them to the steel plates but they've been in for over 3 months with occasional rear seat passengers and haven't moved at all. it posses no safety threat either since the seat belts still function 100% exactly the same and the steel plates are bolted into place exactly how they were before.