johnnyracecar 5" fmic

HTS 3ply blue silicone couplers and SS clamps

4 2.5" mild ubends for charge pipes

autometer phantom boost and a/f gauges

mounted in autometer dual pillar pod

Greddy Type S style bov. Modified 1g dsm flange to fit

TD04L-13G turbo off 02 wrx with 15k

exhaust housing rotated 180, painted exhaust housing and wastegate brackets with 1500 degree flat black paint

OBD2A-OBD1 conversion harness

P06 converted to a p28, socketed with datalogging header installed

d16y8 oil pan tapped

extra fitting for oil drain. This pic is of a 90*, i ended up using a 45*

stealmode SS braided oil drain and feed kit using stock drain flange(much bigger than what was in the kit)

exhaust flange and gasket for dp

2 2.5" mild ubends used for my dp

2.5" flex pipe for dp

dsm 450 blue tops, obd1 clips and resistor box

SRP's mbc

diy ramhorn manifold!!! :-)

here's how it started out

after cleaning up the head flange and mild grinding on the welds

after sandblasting

complete grinding of welds

tig'd and some mig action to seal it up. then painted with 1500 flat black

stealthmode oil feed restrictor valve

oem subby turbo inlet gasket

y8 oil pan gasket

turbo intake, extra 2" couplers and breather filter