Here's some pics from my y7/y8 mini-me. actual intall went very smoothly. after fixing bad connections on both ends of my knock sensor and a tps that was too far 'advanced', i had some white smoke for 2 days but went away after. She runs great, and pulls much harder than the stock y7 did.

Here's the before shot.

old head

old IM

my block all nekked hehh. waiting for that new hg and arp studs

factory cross hatch after 82k

Freshly milled and acid dipped head

its 1am and i just finished the valves. i had lapped the valves before i took the head to the shop. and installed new valve seals and a cam seal. i finished the rest at 1:45

y8 im, tb, fuel rail, injectors etc

y8 im and tb with a fresh coat of 1500 degree flat black paint

All OEM HONDA: y8 IM gasket, d16 exhaust mani gasket, y7 TB gasket, y8 intake and exhaust valve seals, y8 cam seal, d16 valve cover gasket

OEM D16Y8 headgasket

P2P ecu for use during inspections

D16Y ARP head studs

here she is all done :) gotta love using the lower half of your eGay y7 cold air intake for your mini-me