How to: 6th Gen HID Retrofit

The parts

FX35 Bixenon Projectors w/ frosted lenses. And BMW e30 clear lenses

Gen3 Matsushita Ballasts

Phillips 85122+ 4300K D2S bulbs

Harness made by CM

Bake the headlights at 200*F for about 5-10 minutes(or until the silicon is soft) and pry them apart

remove the halogen bowl

unscrew the h4 sheild from the bowl and get out your dremel!Remove as much material as needed until the projector sits far enough back where you want it.

i can't find the pictures of the mount tabs i made but i made small mount "L" brackets that were threaded. then drilled a hole in the bowl under the bracket. put the bolt through the bowl, with a washer and nut to secure it to the bowl. then thread the bracket on the bolt, and bolt the bracket to the projector. this gives rotational adjustment.

the third mounting point is on the top of the projector through the bowl.

with the projectors mounted in the bowl, it's time to cut and make your shrouds. i used some 4"-3" pvc adapters

now it's time to build the rear mounting setup for the ballasts. the gen3 matsushita's are waterproofed, and are designed to bolt up to the rear of the headlight unit to seal in the bulb and ignitor. (refer to the pic above of the ballasts and notice the big o ring)

shave off a little of this plastic ring

test fit the 3" pvc pipe

sand the area that mattes to the pvc pipe, then using a razor blade, score the surface in a cross-hatch pattern. last, clean with rubbing alcohol or acetone

repeat the same sand/score/clean process on the pvc pipe

mix up a healthy batch of JB Weld and bond the two surfaces

now it's time to build the collar, this gives us room to drill and tap some mounting holes to bolt the ballast up with. The collar is of center to allow room for the ignitor to twist lock onto the D2S bulb.

JB weld the colars together


I did a lot of testing with different projector/lens/spacing/shield combinations. To see them all click here

I've chosen to go with the FX35/Cut front Sheild/e30 lens/ 80/1000 spacing combination.

Now layout all your parts, clean and dry them thoroughly

All assembled. you can see the rotational adjustable mounts i made.

Reference pics to show what it looks like all assembled

get the car ready. Route the harness and secure with fasteners

Driver side is mounted. notice that i have not sealed the headlight yet. we wont do that until after horizontal, pitch and rotational adjustments are properly set

Picture showing how the ballasts seal up the rear of the headlights.

Initial fire up. you can see we need some adjustments :-P

A quick rough adjustment

A quick test of high beams

Drove over to a near by building and checked out the alignment and clarity. Obviously more adjusment is necessary. Also note these pictures are without OEM honda lenses. 75ft

25ft Make your adjustments at roughly at this distance. here you can see alignment, height and horizontal are incorrect.

After adjustments, bake the headlights the same as before and with the silicon still hot seal up the housings.

Final output and assembly pics!



High beams

Side View

Finished assembly

Congrats you have successfully retrofitted HID projectors into your stock headlights. You can now see at night!!