How to install DB gauge for your LC-1 Wideband

Start off by wiring up your LC-1 wideband. You can refer to my How-to guide here:

LC-1 wideband install guide

Brief breakdown of the DB gauge wiring:

Gauge Side: Car Side:

Red (12v power)

Ignition switched 12v source

Black (Ground)

A9 - ecu ground - (brown /black stripe wire)

Blue (Wideband signal)

Either the yellow or brown analog outputs depending on how you have them configured in LmProgrammer

Purple (Headlight power)

headlight power wire(this will allow the gauge to dim when headlights are turned on) or chassis ground if you do not want this feature.

Run the red wire to an ignition switched 12v source. I used the yellow/green striped wire off the cig lighter connector

Run the black wire to the same ground used as the white wire from the LC1 wideband controller. In my install this is obd2 pin A9 - ecu ground - (brown/black stripe).

Run the blue wire to the wideband signal from the LC1 wideband controller. The gauge is preprogrammed to: 0v=7.35afr, 5v=22.39afr. Since I use my Analog 2(wideband - brown wire) on a 0-3.5v scale, I decided to reprogram my analog 1 narrowband output (yellow wire) to match the scale that is preprogrammed on the db gauge. I have multiple o2 bungs in my exhaust and would not need to use the narrow band output from my LC1 for closed loop. Your installation may vary depending on your needs.

Run the purple wire to a wire that supplies current to the headlights. This is usually a red/black stripe wire. Doing it this way will allow the gauge to dim when the headlights are turned on. If you do not want this behavior you can just run this to a chassis ground.

Gauge side of the wiring.

Installed and finished product.

Congrats you have successfully installed the db gauge for LC-1 Wideband. You can now ride around and watch your wideband AFRs.