Here's the kit, it comes with two holders, some splicers, and 5 sets of bulbs: clear, amber, blue, green and purple.

Stock pictures..well not quite stock, i pulled apart the lights last summer and removed the amber peices and bought amber colored bulbs.


first step is to remove the h4 bulbs.. to do this, pull of the three prong connecter, then pull off the rubber boot, and then unscrew the screw holding down the retainer clip

Be careful not to touch the bulbs with your fingers, always better to not have grease on the glass(btw these are my silvania silverstars which i LOVE!)

Here are the two peices you will be installing. you can swap in and out the colors simply by changing the bulbs

This is how you will be installing the kit. just kinda sandwich the kit onto the h4 bulb like so.

then slide the whole thing back into the housing making sure that its properly aligned. then reinstall the retaining clip.(right side gets screwed down, then push the left side down and slide it under the plastic notch to hold it tight. here you can see the wires tailing out the bottom.

the next step is to put the platic boot back on. rather than drilling a small hole in it, i decided to run the wires through one of the two drain holes in the bottom. you can see the whole in this pic.

if you look to the right side of this picture you can see the wires coming out the boot, after it was pressed back into place.

The next step is to tap into the correct wires. my kit came with these splices---DON'T USE THEM.. you will not have good connections.. so i opted to go the proper route and i soldiered them on.

you need to tap into the RED/BLACK wire and any ground connection. it doesnt matter which wire you choose from the kit, i went black to ground, and white to RED/BLACK. here's a finished connection. This picture below shows the right headlight, the left one is not as easy because you have the windsheild washer fluid resevoir in the way. so what i did was soldier an extra peice of wire to the white wire from the kit, ran this behind the resevior, and soldiered it into the RED/BLACK wire which can be find in the black wire loom. for the ground, i taped into the ground coming from the headlight bulb.

here's before the kit is installed






check em out :)