OEM Honda Caliper Rebuild Kit. 1 for each caliper.

Rebuilding the caliper

Here are the parts you'll be using for the caliper piston

Remove the piston by blowing air into the back of the caliper. place a block of wood in front of the piston so as to not dent anything when it shoots out. EDIT: Sorry i do not have a photo of this step and no longer own these calipers to take a filler picture.

Remove the old piston boot ring, the old boot and the old piston seal from the caliper

Clean up the piston, it should come out as clean as this. If it is rusted, pitted or scared consider buying a new set of pistons or buying a rebuilt caliper.

clean out the piston-well thoroughly. Make sure there is no debris or rust on the walls or the seal grooves. Take the packet of red rubber grease(thick viscosity grease) and coat the inside.

coat the piston seal ring with the red rubber grease and install into the groove

coat the piston with the same red rubber grease

coat the piston boot with grease on both sides and in the accordion grooves. install the piston boot onto the piston with the correct orientation.

place the piston into the well, and using a c-clamp and a block of wood, carefully and evenly apply pressure to push the piston back into the caliper.

leave about 1/4" between the boot and the caliper, this gives you room to manipulate the outer edge of the boot into the caliper groove

using your fingers and a small flat-head screwdriver, push the outer edge of the piston boot into the groove of the caliper

boot fully installed

now we need to install the retaining ring. start by wedging the back in place then work one side down into the groove then the next side

the ring pretty much disappears into the groove. take your clamp and push the piston completely into the caliper. Using air, push the piston out of the caliper part ways. Then push the pistion back into the caliper. It is important to do this to double checking proper function of the boot

rinse and repeat for the second caliper

Rebuilding the caliper mounting bracket

Remove caliper pins and caliper pin boots. Thoroughly clean the caliper bracket hole(q-tip works well!) You do not want to leave any debris or old grease in there. Apply a little of the orange grease packet (thinner viscosity).

Thoroughly clean the caliper pin. Take the orange grease packet and coat the pin and the new pin boot.

Install the caliper pin boot onto the mounting bracket

Install the pin into the caliper mounting bracket. Make sure the boot slips over the ridge on the pin. This secures the boot to the pin.

rinse and repeat for the other pins

Air may be trapped at the tip of the pin so using a table push down hard on the bracket, mine kind of made a farting noise when the air was released.

Congrats you have now rebuilt your calipers!