How to swap 10.3" ITR calipers onto your Civic DX

In order to mate the ITR calipers to a DX knuckle the mounting bracket must be milled 5mm.
You can see the milled brackets here.

Milled ITR front calipers

Comparing the ITR calipers an extra set of EX calipers

After a thorough cleaning

Painted with hitemp caliper paint

New ceramic ITR pads and blank 10.3" disks

Comparing the new 10.3" disk with the old 9.5" disk

Brake pad comparison: ITR vs. EX vs. DX

To install the new setup:

-Remove the banjo bolt from the brake caliper.

-Remove the brake caliper from the brake caliper braket

-unbolt the brake caliper braket

-Swap out your old rotor for the new 10.3"

-bolt on the new brake caliper bracket and install the new pads

-Bolt on the new brake caliper and reconnect the brake hose banjo bolt with NEW crush washers. Torque to spec

Both Haynes and Helms state the brake bleeding order for 96-00 civic as:

1. Right Rear
2. Left Front
3. Left Rear
4. Right Front

New setup is on!

TIGHTEST clearance ever haha. Just barely squeeze under my 14" rims and also my 14" steels

Congrats you have successfully replaced your front brakes. :-)