fmic mounted

bird shit welded my charge pipes lol

painted with 500 degree silver

bird shit welded my down pipe

painted with 1500 degree flat black

02 bung welded in

flex pipe and flange welded on then rewelded on cuz it was angled too low. now painted with 1200* bbq black

the work place

half the charge pipes in. bov installed. old stuff removed. dsm 450's and resistor box wired in

borrowed this from another site. clearest wiring diagram ever


test fitting in the mani and turbo

test fitting the down pipe

test fitting the turbo intake

fabbing up the last of the charge pipe

finished the charge pipe. the birds are getting better at shitting on my pipes lol

ever see a manifold that has been arc'ed, tig'ed and mig'ed together ? hahaahaha well there you have it

had to move the front torque mount to fit the dp on and in the process broke the welds off the nuts. had to cut a hole in the frame to get to them. fixed that and also did a little upgrade with some extra hose

test fitting the oil feed. local shop made me the flared tube that i can bend any way i want to avoid the manifold runners

test fitting oil drain setup using a 45* bend

mani and turbo

everything installed and running!!!! spooling like a BEOTCH hheehe.